EVENTURI Carbon Air Intake C63/C63S AMG X205


Available on backorder

Available on backorder

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Fitment for the following models: W205 S205 C205 A205 C63 C63S AMG

Components :
2 x Carbon Fiber Airbox Lids with Turbo Inlet Transitions

2 x Carbon Fiber Airbox Bases with Inlet Duct Transitions

2 x Carbon Fiber Inlet Ducts

2 x Bespoke High Flow Panel Filters

4 x CNC Machined Aluminium Filter Flanges

2 x CNC Machined MAP Bosses

4 x CNC Machined Rubber Mount Holders

2 x Custom EPDM Couplers

Laser Cut Stainless Steel Bracket Work


Performance Increase – Stage 2 : 22-30hp, 20-24ft-lb
Performance Increase – Stock : 10-12hp, 12-15ft-lb
Flowbench Data : Stock Airbox 381 CFM : Eventuri 531 CFM (Average Per Airbox)

The Mercedes W205 C63S AMG intake system is the culmination of extensive development and testing. Our design brief consisted of 3 main objectives: 1) Increased flow rate. 2) Low intake temperatures. 3) Smooth airflow. The first objective was met by utilising all of the limited space available in the C63S engine bay resulting in a 39% higher flow rate over the stock system. The second objective was met by designing a fully sealed system. The C63S engine bay reaches high temperatures with heat sources like the turbos in close proximity to the intake so it is crucial that the intake remains sealed. The final objective was met by designing an organically shaped system with custom rounded panel filters to ensure the airflow path contained no sharp corners and therefore allowed for the flow to remain laminar. With smooth transitions from the filters to the turbo inlets, our intake minimises the formation of turbulence and therefore the turbos are able to operate more efficiently.

With all 3 objectives met, our W205 C63S intake system delivers on all fronts and allows for the turbos to generate boost more efficiently. This results in an improved throttle response and genuine power gains which increase with higher states of tune. Since there are various turbo upgrades available for the C63S we have also catered a specific solution for larger turbos. Our C63S intake is available in 2 configurations: 61mm ID outlets to match the stock and hybrid turbos and 3″ ID outlets to match larger aftermarket turbos.

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Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake


None, Carbon Fiber Radiator Cooling Slam Panel Cover


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